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Cornea & General Ophthalmology

Cornea Services

Cornea Services of our Centre provides treatment of the common Corneal Ailments

1.Corneal Ulcers –This is the most common corneal disease which we encounter in our region which is caused by Infection & Ill-treatment done commonly with Steroid. Corneal Ulcer can also be caused by Trauma, Vitamin A Deficiency, coupled with poor general health and poor hygiene. Ophthalmologist of our centre have experience and training for doing Diagnostic Corneal Scrapping and then after appropriate treatment of Ulcers with Fortified preparations which are not available in Medical Shops.

2.Facility of Management of Corneal surface disorder such as Pterygium

3.Facility of Amniotic Membrane Graft, Bandage Contact Lens, Goonderson Flap for Non Healing Corneal Ulcers.

4. Facility of Spherical & Cylindrical Contact Lens for Refractive errors

5. Facility of Corneal Topography for diagnosis of Keratoconus

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