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C.N.S Eye Hospital Pvt. Ltd. has experienced surgeons and healthcare professionals in Patna (Bihar).One of the most equipped & Performing Eye Care Centres Of Region.Our Super Specialised Facilities Available:Digital FF Angiography Being Performed With Topcon's Imagenet,Topcon's 3D spectral OCT All in One (Anterior to Posterior),Laser intervention:Nidek's Green laser Being done for Retinal phC,Laser intervention:Nidek's Yag Laser for After Cataract and PI,Visual Field with Humphrey's Field Analyser for Glaucoma,Heigh Resolutation Sonomed's B-A Scan For Postrior Segment Sonology.

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Services & Specialities We Provide

  • Cataract

    Micro Phaco with world leader
    The Centurion Vision System


    ​ Cataract When transparent lens of human eye becomes opaque... Read More

  • Retina & Uvea Services

    Class VR Setup with Class Surgeons

    Retina & Uvea Services

    Retina is made up of neuronal tissues, whose damage is many a times irreversible and can cause blindness... Read More

  • Glaucoma

    Latest in Glaucoma Management


    Glaucoma which is also known as "Kala Motia" or "Sambalbai" is caused by persistently raised intra ocular pressure in the eyes... Read More

  • Oculoplasty & Ocular Oncology
    Oculoplasty & Sac Surgery

    Don’t Let Your Eyes Reveal Your Age

    Oculoplasty & Ocular Oncology

    The Heroic Surgeries Of Oculoplasty Also Addressed… Read More

  • Paediatric Ophthalmology & Squint
    Paediatric Ophthalmology & Squint

    Specialists in Squint and Lazy Eye Syndrome

    Paediatric Ophthalmology & Squint

    Squinting Eye of Children can lead to Lazy Eye... Read More

    Cornea & General Ophthalmology.


    Corea Is The Window Of The Eye... Read More

  • LASIK & Refractive Surgery
    Glimpses of Computerized Refraction & Advanced Gadgetaries

    LASIK & Refractive Surgery

    We Have Brought The Best To This State Read More

  • Care @Home
    Academics & Quality Eye Care

    Quality Eye Care Services

    Care @Home

      We Not Only Learn The Science But Also Teach... Read More